5 Advantages of Deploying a Cloud SIEM Solutions

Cloud SIEM Solutions

Since organizations are quickly transitioning to the cloud to benefit from the cloud Services are also shifting to the cloud, such as security solutions like SIEM. In fact, SIEM as a Service is rapidly growing in popularity in the market as an option to conventional traditional on-premises SIEM solutions. The 10-Questions to Ask before adopting the SaaS SIEM research, Gartner predicted that by 2023, most SIEM solutions will feature capabilities delivered through the cloud. 

 What exactly is cloud SIEM? And how does it differ from the on-premises SIEM? What benefits can organizations gain from using it? This blog is designed to solve these questions. 


What is cloud SIEM solution? 


A cloud-based SIEM solution often called cloud-native SIEM, the SIEM service hosted on cloud. Like traditional SIEM it performs all SIEM tasks, including keeping logs and records as well as monitoring the network’s traffic, detecting, and solving cybersecurity-related issues and proving compliance, but all via the cloud. As compared to on-premises SIEM systems cloud SIEM solutions provide greater flexibility, access to information and a speedier time to benefit when it comes to managing compliance and cybersecurity in both your cloud and on-premises settings. 

 There are five advantages to cloud SIEM solution compared to the traditional on-premises SIEM solution that can help you determine if cloud SIEM can meet your business’ needs. 


  1. Easy and quick to begin using

 Have you heard that 40 percent of SIEM deployments * require more than 3 months to be completed? 

 One of the major benefits of cloud SIEM solutions for all companies is the speedier setup. With no need for shipping or installation and complicated setup procedures, companies will begin to see the value of cloud SIEM earlier than traditional SIEM. 

 Utilizing ManageEngine’s Log360 Cloud: All you must do is set up an account and then configure the agents for your device on network. If you would like to monitor the performance of your AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment, you will have to create an account in the cloud. That is, it! 


  1. On-premises SIEM solutions need high-end hardware resources, whereas cloud SIEM solutions.

 SIEM solutions are resource-intensive, which means they require substantial amounts of memory for storage and functions. Businesses will need to invest in top-of-the-line equipment that hosts an in-premises SIEM solution to ensure the host system can manage SIEM operations. SIEM operations. While this isn’t an issue for larger companies, for smaller companies with an extremely limited budget for cybersecurity this could be an obstacle to SIEM deployment. 

 A cloud SIEM solution solves this problem with the help of hosting on the cloud. Users only need to pay for storage of logs. 


  1. It is possible to scale up network architecture without sacrificing time or having to worry about the volume of logs

 Since the SIEM solution works by gathering log data through the network, it must handle enormous amounts of log data daily. When using an on-premises system, it is not easy to deal with rapid increases in log volumes. This becomes a major issue when your company is looking to expand. 

The flexibility and scalability of cloud-native services extends to cloud SIEM too. By using cloud SIEM service companies do not have to be concerned about increasing their capacity to meet the huge log volume requirements in a timely manner. With its quick implementation and customizable data strategies, users can record as many or as little as you want without losing any time. 


  1. Storing log data is more secure and cost-effective.

 Logs must be kept according to the privacy legislation and rules. It is essential for organizations to keep logs for as long as is necessary in a secure, secure, and tamper-proof way. Cloud SIEM solutions can accomplish this at a low cost. Log360 Cloud for instance allows you to archive older logs and then move them into cold storage compressed to ensure that they are not tamper-proof, and you are making use of the storage space efficiently. 


  1. Staying up to date with the most current information is much easier

 Cloud SIEM solutions eliminate the hassle of having to manage regular updates and patches to the product as cloud deployments are always kept up to current. Your team will be able to concentrate on more important tasks, such as checking your network for security threats instead of focusing on working on SIEM update and maintenance. The maintenance and updates will be handled through the provider of your platform. 

 Make use of these cloud-native benefits by using ManageEngine’s cloud SIEM service, Log360 Cloud. With features like cybersecurity analytics AWS monitoring and cloud application monitoring as well as incident management threat analytics and rule-based attack detection as well as compliance and security management Log360 Cloud helps you remain in the forefront of your security and compliance game using the cloud. Sign up for your free trial today.