The Company

Ossisto 365 is a leading provider of Health Check Tools for IT enterprises. The Ossisto 365 Health Check tools enable organizations to perform a complete health check of specific target systems and maintain their configuration. In the year 2014, a group of IT Professionals in the US under the leadership of N K Ratawa, designed automation tools and products for IT organizations under DynamicPacks Technologies. DynamicPacks Technologies was recently merged with Ossisto, a US based company and now it continues to operate under the brand name of Ossisto 365. Our motto is to treat customers with the utmost respect and faith. Creativity, invention, and innovation are the pillars we have built our enterprise on. Our aim is to exhibit these pillars by integrating honesty, business ethics, and integrity into our services.


Ossisto 365 Services

IT Health Check Products
Ossisto 365 provides IT Health Check Products by equipping organizations with the necessary tools/products/processes to perform complete health check of target Systems. AD Health Profiler is one such tool designed to perform a thorough health check of the Active Directory SubSystem before implementing new technology and/or moving onto the cloud.

IT Health Maintenance Products
Ossisto 365 also provides IT Health Maintenance Products. DynamicPacks One-Action is an example of tools we have designed to maintain configuration of the targets.

IT Consultancy Services
Ossisto 365 provides IT consultancy services to the companies who need assistance in implementing new technologies as well as fine tuning existing IT Infrastructure. We have also designed other tools such as Azure VM Monitoring, AD Site Explorer, AD Admin, and many more.


Ossisto Business Units

Ossisto 365 Is a frontrunner in providing Health Check Tools for IT Admins, IT Architects and IT Service Providers. The AD Health Profiler is designed to perform a complete health check of Active Directory SubSystem and the Dynamic Packs ONE-ACTION is designed to collect the desired information from the targets thus helping in managing the system health., This is a one-stop shop for all businesses aligned to resolve the burden of any entrepreneurial repetitive tasks by the help of artificial intelligence programmed media interfaces and Chatbots.

We, at Ossisto virtual employment division, provide dedicated assistants who can perform personal and professional tasks for you. We also provide assistance to those who are indulged in various services in scientific and technological services, research and design relating there to: industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer software.

Ossisto Consulting: We are experts at recruiting qualified, professional and skilled people worldwide. Being the market leader in the USA, our main focus is all about ensuring customer satisfaction and continuously improving our service offerings by providing the right talent attraction strategy.


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