How O365 IT Risk & Health Scanner Works

Learn how O365 IT Risk & Health Scanner works behind the scene.

O365 IT Risk & Health Scanner is a unique solution and dynamic in nature. We provide two components as part of the O365 IT Risk & Health Scanner:

  • O365 IT Risk & Health Scanner Execution SubSystem: Execution SubSystem provides execution environment for executing Dynamic Packs.
  • Dynamic Packs: Dynamic Packs are PowerShell-based scripts which are imported into the Execution SubSystem. Once imported Dynamic Packs can be added to a Health Profile which contains an assessment target. When you execute Health Profile, the Dynamic Packs are executed as part of the execution against the assessment target maintained by the Health Profile.

As it shows in the figure above, you will be required to register a target which is always an Active Directory Forest. Multiple Active Directory Forests can be registered. Once registered, create a health profile which contains both Active Directory Forest and Dynamic Packs.

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