About Ossisto 365 Dynamic Pack

A Dynamic Pack consists of PowerShell code. Dynamic Packs can be used to perform Health Check, collect information, and maintain health of the target. All of our Dynamic Packs have been written by industry experts such as Microsoft MVPs and IT experts. We are in the process of designing more Dynamic Packs.

Health Check Dynamic Packs

The Health Check Dynamic Packs are used for reporting issues, severity and recommendations to fix the issues. Health Check Dynamic Packs can be used only with the O365 IT Risk & Health Scanner product. All of the Dynamic Packs designed by us follow vendor recommendations and best practices.

Configuration Check Dynamic Packs

Configuration Check Dynamic Packs on the other hand are used to gather relevant information from the targets, aid in maintaining targets health and report on any configuration changes. Configuration Check Dynamic Packs can only be used with the Ossisto 365 One-Action product.

Health Check Dynamic Packs

Explore Health Check Dynamic Packs by Assessment Target category.

Microsoft Active Directory Dynamic Packs

Microsoft Hyper-V Dynamic Packs

Import Dynamic Packs

O365 IT Risk & Health Scanner Execution SubSystem supports importing Dynamic Packs from Dynamic Packs Server or file.

From Dynamic Packs Servers

Once new Dynamic Packs are available you can import them using O365 IT Risk & Health Scanner Import Packs section.

From File

If you have designed a Dynamic Pack that you would like to import into the O365 IT Risk & Health Scanner.

Modify Existing Dynamic Packs

We deliver 74 Active Directory Health Check Dynamic Packs with O365 IT Risk & Health Scanner. If you wish to modify any of the Dynamic Packs to include your own comment, change severity and so on you can do so by using the Packs Manager.

Design New or Request Us

Design New

Using the Packs Manager you can design new Dynamic Packs.

Request Us

We can design Dynamic Packs for you.

Dynamic Packs in Development

Below table provides a list of Dynamic Packs which are in development and their release dates. These Dynamic Packs, once available, can be imported from O365 IT Risk & Health Scanner.

Microsoft Active Directory Domain GPO Domain GPO Test Checks to make sure Domain GPOs are in sync in AD Forest. 5/12/2019
Microsoft Active Directory Domain Policies Domain Accounts Policy Test Checks to make sure Domain Account Policy Settings are configured as per Microsoft best practices. 5/12/2019
Microsoft Active Directory Azure Sync Azure ADD Connect Test Checks to make sure Azure AAD Connect is performing well. 5/12/2019

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