Active Directory Health & Risk Assessments

Is your Microsoft Active Directory Secured, Healthy & Compliant as per Microsoft Recommendations? Ossisto 365 IT Scanner V2.0 delivers 100+ checks to achieve better IT Security Posture with Microsoft Active Directory.

Rapid scans and detailed reports provide actionable items and fixes to harden IT Security Posture.

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Key Use Cases

MSP Customers

Service customer AD Security Assessment and AD Reporting needs cost effectively by using Ossisto’s Reseller Partner Program.

AD Dashboards

Use rich Dashboards for reviewing AD Security Issues and get granular insights into affected AD Objects and problem settings.

Save Cost & Time

No need to spend expensive man hours of experienced AD specialists. Get visibility into AD issues in minutes.

Risk Remediation

The solution empowers you to drive remediation on your own. Or, hire Ossisto’s AD Experts to drive Remediation initializes for you.


Readily publish customizable Reports on overall AD Health stats for review by Leadership Teams or share them with IT Teams for actions.

ABOUT Ossisto 365 IT Health & Risk Scanner Software:

Ossisto 365 is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a provider of IT Health & Risk Assessment Software & Services for Microsoft Active Directory. Ossisto 365 IT Scanner Software helps achieve better IT Health & Security Posture by identifying Health and Security Risks within Microsoft Active Directory and lets you generate Assessment Reports rapidly.

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Ossisto 365 IT Scanner for Active Directory Assessments

Microsoft Active Directory Assessments can be daunting on account of complex AD structure. Ossisto’s Risk Assessment Solution takes away the complexity from AD Health and Risk Assessments, AD Security and Operational Reporting Initiatives – it enables them by having actionable insights on IT Security available readily.

Why Ossisto 365 IT Health & Risk Scanner?

AD Assessments & Reporting done quickly and easily

Active Directory Assessment and Reporting initiatives can be executed in a matter of clicks, instead of the manual approach that involved using PowerShell scripts. A simple UI/UX lets you achieve transparency into your IT infrastructure and the core components of Active Directory.

Identify Issues & Problem Items

Over 102 checks for AD Health, Risk, Performance and Security/Compliance issues quickly identify the problem items in Active Directory.
Assessment dashboards provide granularity for the issues in the environment. Object-level drill downs let you review the vulnerabilities and color code the problem items for easier identification and remediation of issues.

Know the Impact

Detailed Issue Descriptions provide information about the impact of AD Health & Risk Issues and other problem items uncovered.
Understanding the impact of these issues for IT teams is crucial from an IT Infrastructure Security standpoint.

Improve IT Security Posture

Use actionable insights and built-in IT risk remediation guidelines to deliver issues fixes and improve overall IT Security Posture.

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Request Demo

Schedule a Demo to see how quick and easy our IT Risk Assessment Process is.