Adopt the highly productive way to deliver IT Risk Assessments/Reports to Customers

Automate Assessment Processes | Gain Actionable Insights on IT Risks | Remediate with built-in guidelines

Massive Productivity Gains

MSPs gain time and costs savings across customer engagements by automating issue discovery in customer environments. Built-in remediation guidelines further simplify the process of delivering fixes and service improvements.

Compare Before & After IT Risk Stats

Assert remediation and service improvement claims and back them with comparative assessment reports. Compare 2 point in time assessments of Customer’s environment to demonstrate a before and after picture to the customer in Risk Status Comparison Reports.

Get equipped with content for Customer Engagements

Resellers are enabled with our IT Risk Assessment content material collaterals to improve the quality of conversations with Customers. These lead to Risk Assessment, Remediation and Service Improvement engagements. Additionally, Resellers are equipped to deliver Proof of Concepts and further evaluate Ossisto 365 Products fully before adding the software to their preferred set of tools for use in Service Deliveries.

Improve existing Customer Engagements

Automate IT reporting processes (GPOs, DNS, Bad Logons, Administrative Security Groups, etc.) and achieve productivity gains for your Service Delivery Teams. Enable teams with Object-level reports of the Managed Infrastructure and improve efficiency of your Operational Teams.
Expand your Services Portfolio by adding IT Risk Assessment & Remediation competencies to your range of services. We enable our Resellers to execute and deliver Risk Assessments and Remediations. If needed, Ossisto 365 Services Team can even help supplement your Service Teams with technical resources for risk remediation, PowerShell based automations and ITSM initiatives.
Provide more value to your existing customers by positioning Service Improvement Plans. Our Assessment Reports provide you adequate action items to position and drive change and service improvement initiatives. Get enabled with the right insights to prepare and deliver a compelling case for change.
The complexity of IT Infrastructure reporting processes; necessary before executing a Technology Transformation such as a Domain Consolidation or a Migration initiative, can be reduced substantially by Ossisto 365 IT Health & Risk Scanner Software. Rapidly gain insights into environment issues and start delivering fixes, rather than having your Technical Resources spend weeks in diagnosis.

Get aligned with what Microsoft Recommends

Our IT Risk Assessment Solutions are designed with Microsoft’s best practice recommendations and guidelines for IT Risk, Security, Compliance and Configuration management as the goal. The Analysis factors in the Microsoft approach to managing these aspects of Active Directory and other Server Technologies and tells you where the Managed Infrastructure is not aligned with the guidelines.