Our Services

We specialize in Microsoft Cloud Technology lifecycle and security management. Streamline your Microsoft Azure subscription for costs and performance, adopt a higher standard of Azure Security Monitoring & Management, and benefit from a hassle-free and proactively efficient support partner.


Active Directory Tools | IT Risk Assessment

Our effective methodologies deliver greater IT operational efficiency by seamless integration of cloud and data centre environments to achieve spend optimization. Cost and performance efficiency guaranteed.

Active Directory Tools | IT Risk Assessment

We provide Azure best practices deployment strategies that come from our immense experience working with Azure security. Align your infrastructure with Best Practices for Role-Based Access Control, Cloud Virtual Network Design, & Security Controls.

Active Directory Tools | IT Risk Assessment

We provide a rich set of Azure security and assessment services to help organizations meet their commitments with current risk assessments, actionable insights and compliance controls.

Active Directory Tools | IT Risk Assessment

A complete and advanced surveillance into your applications, infrastructure and network to ensure high availability and performance of all applications and services. Dynamic baselining and alerting, auto discovery and performance co-relation metrics are our specialities.

Active Directory Tools | IT Risk Assessment

Have experts provide best-in-class strategies to have the right and planned maintenance. Achieve more control by minimizing unplanned interruptions to services. Leverage industry best practices on capacity planning and reviewing performance metrics.

Active Directory Tools | IT Risk Assessment

Have highly effective review and reporting methodologies and frameworks at your disposal. Preventative reports are generated regularly for incidents and service requests to improve reliability and usability of the Azure Cloud Environments.


Cloud Readiness Assessment and Economics planning Active Directory Tools | IT Risk Assessment

Leverage Cloud computing with a specialized array of assessment and planning services. Through careful assessment, planning, preparation and visualization, an agile and secure cloud infrastructure is created for your organization’s digital transformation. We showcase a full spectra expertise in cloud economics and readiness.

Architecture and Migration Active Directory Tools | IT Risk Assessment

Choosing the right architecture matters, before transitioning production applications and workloads to/from/across Cloud environments. We know it, and that is why we provide an all-encompassing cloud architecture, adoption, management and support services, all at one place.

Automate on Cloud Active Directory Tools | IT Risk Assessment

Enable further efficiency within Cloud infrastructure by leveraging automation. Reduce routine maintenance efforts by automating Cloud workflows and Cloud-native tasks. Our cloud orchestration lets you spend less time on maintenance.

Managed Services Support Active Directory Tools | IT Risk Assessment

Enhance your business operations by outsourcing daily management and administration of your Cloud infrastructure. Explore self-service capabilities by building a solid IT foundation in the cloud.

Benefit from improved Cost, License and Service Management for your Cloud infrastructure

Switch to a more efficient and cost-effective approach to managing Cloud Technologies to get the most out of Microsoft Cloud Solution Subscriptions. Leverage the model that enables other Microsoft consumers to achieve higher levels of productivity with lesser spends. Learn about how Ossisto 365 Clients are optimizing their IT OPEX.

Active Directory Tools | IT Risk Assessment