Start using Azure the Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS)

Migration of on-premises servers from the Azure platform to improve productivity and agility can make organizations more productive. This will allow them to save time and money in the long term. 

Get great efficiency, business-driven insight, and savings by moving to the cloud 

Azure IaaS overview 

Azure IaaS has many services you can adopt and leverage to build a strong cloud footprint. It is possible to migrate mission-critical workloads as well as Windows, Linux, and line-of business solutions. You can rely on our expertise and resources to help you create the infrastructure you desire. 

Ossisto 365 IT Solutions help organizations to get a variety of benefits like 

  • Transfer or lift existing infrastructure and servers. 
  • You can increase storage capacity and computing efficiency without the need to build or install infrastructure on-premises. 
  • Get a platform that is future-ready for the development of advanced business models. 
  • You can leverage new technologies such as Cognitive Services and Advanced Analytics, without having to specialize in data science or Artificial Intelligence. 

Azure IaaS Advantages 

  • Improve agility with modern infrastructure: This allows you to scale up your application and workloads as needed. 
  • Increase overall IT efficiency: 
  • by Integrating fully-managed apps and corresponding databases services. 
  • Reduce operational and energy costs: Moving on-premise servers or data centers to the Cloud can help reduce operational and energy costs. 
  • Generating Revenue and New Business Models: 
  • This can be achieved by using built-in analytics, business intelligence tools and other data that will help you gain intelligent insight. 

Opportunities and uses available 

  • Now you can spend less time managing your data center, and more time growing your business. 
  • Secure data management infrastructure and services can be implemented efficiently. 
  • Get the most out of advanced analytics and business Intelligence tools to gain business insights and improve operational efficiency. 

Cloud infrastructure has been proven to increase productivity by 60% in enterprises that use it. This refers to employees who are dedicated to maintaining the cloud infrastructure.

Additional Perks: 

Scalability and cost-effectiveness:

Customers have the option to increase storage capacity or computing power with Azure. These benefits are available without the need to pay upfront for infrastructure development. 


Most enterprises believe that they can migrate to the cloud according to their terms and conditions. Azure offers a variety of options to offer customized and hybrid solutions. 

Digital transformation:

Companies, regardless of size, are eager to take advantage of emerging technologies. Customers can benefit from advanced analytics and business intelligence tools through the Azure platform, which can add value to their businesses. 

High return on investment (ROI).

You can help your customers prospects get the most out of their IT staff and assets. Azure allows IT staff to spend their time on revenue generation and frees them from the responsibility of maintaining servers. 

Your customer profile can be enhanced by you helping them to take advantage of Azure hybrid or multi-cloud products and solutions. 

These are just a few of the many services we offer our clients. Send us an email to learn more. 

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