We help companies do Risk Assessment

Ossisto 365 Health Profiler Execution Subsystem can perform complete health check of targets managed and uncover hidden issues.

Report Critical and High issues

Provide recommendations

We leverage Health Check Dynamic Packs

We continue to add more Health Check Dynamic Packs

We eliminate risk of impending system failure by quickly identifying Critical and High Issues

One Product – Multiple Assessment Targets

We provide robust Execution SubSystem through which PowerShell-based Dynamic Packs can be executed to perform health check of multiple assessment targets. As for example, we deliver 74 Active Directory Dynamic Packs through which a complete health assessment of multiple Active Directory Forests can be performed. We are in the process of designing new Dynamic Packs for Active Directory, Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange, Azure, Office 365, VMWare, SQL Servers, Windows Servers and Windows Clients.

Design your own Dynamic Pack or import Dynamic Packs for different targets once they are available from Dynamic Packs Server.

One Solution for All

Service Providers

Use AD Health Profiler As A Service to offer great value to your customers. Buy AD Health Profiler Execution SubSystem to Import Health Profile, analyze data, add your comments and prepare reports.

IT Admins/Architects

Perform complete health check of multiple production targets from a single computer! Suited for anyone who is an IT Architect/Admin working their way to assess an environment before implementing new solutions.


Happy Customers

The AD Health Profiler is now being widely used by 300 customers who claim that it has been one of their best investments yet.



97% of our customers are beyond satisfied using the AD Health Profiler and recognize our efforts on its design to be commendable.


Dynamic Packs Were Requested

About 200 Dynamic packs were requested by our clients and its exceptional performance has only kept this number rising.

Notable Features

Single-Click Assessment

AD Health Profiler leverages Single-Click Assessment feature through which Execution SubSystem can perform all steps from executing Health Profile to generating reports.

Report Issues and Recommendations

AD Health Profiler not just performs Health Check, but also reports issue severity and recommendations to fix the issues. The Issue Severity and Recommendations are defined in the Dynamic Packs which can be modified using Packs Manager.

Customize Reporting Fields

Reporting Module can help customize the report based on a Word Template. It supports modifying Severity of the issue and add your own comments against each issue. Reporting Module also supports excluding Health Checks from the report.

Unlimited Assessment Targets

AD Health Profiler supports unlimited assessment targets through Health Profile concept. Unlimited Health Profiles can be created to contain more targets.

Featured Solutions

Ossisto 365 AD Health Profiler

Robust Execution SubSystem to perform health check of targets by leveraging Health Check Dynamic Packs.

Ossisto 365 One-Action

Robust Execution SubSystem to maintain targets health by leveraging Configuration Check Dynamic Packs.

Ossisto 365 AD Site Explorer

Troubleshoot AD Replication issues in a Tree view fashion and schedule checks. Maintain unlimited AD Forests.

Ossisto 365 Azure VM Monitoring

Control your Azure billing by creating ON/OFF virtual machine policies. Maintain unlimited Azure Subscriptions.

Our Products and Execution SubSystems are certified.

Get your Active Directory Forests assessed using AD Health Profiler.

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