Ossisto 365 IT Health & Risk Scanner​

Generate IT Risk Assessment Reports on the fly

Reporting software that uncovers hidden issues and provides recommendations to reduce health risk and security exposure of Active Directory Services and the IT Infrastructure – all in a matter of clicks.


360 Degree Coverage

In-line with vendor best practice recommendations, our Software delivers complete assessment coverage – delivering 130+ checks to scan all Active Directory services components.

Quick & Easy Assessments

Analyze entire infrastructure with just a few clicks and generate reports readily. Get set up for running full-fledged IT Risk Assessments in minutes.

Email Integration

Receive Assessment reports via email, automatically. No need to log in to the dashboard for viewing scheduled reports.

Interactive Assessment Dashboard

Our Analysis Dashboard lets you do review assessment findings, drill down into affected objects and filter checks based on severity.

Fix & Remediation Guidelines

Eliminating the need of referencing technical resources, the software provides recommendations for fixing & Remediation.

Assessment Coverage

We cover all components of Active Directory like:


Minimum System/Technical requirements to run O365 IT Health & Risk Scanner are:

Operating System Requirements:

The following are the supported operating systems: For AD server scans, all versions of the following Supported Operating Systems:

Configuration Requirements:

Customised Reporting

Complete status Reports come out as editable documents which can be customized fully. The assessment provides you:

The summarized report can have custom logos and text added before export.
Severity mapping lets you further escalate or de-escalate issue severity to align with your IT policies.

What makes the Ossisto 365 IT Scanner Software different?

A standard/manual Active Directory IT Risk Assessment process can typically take weeks to build actionable insights. Ossisto 365 IT Scanner does that in minutes/hours.

Ossisto 365

Benefits of using Ossisto 365 IT Health & Risk Scanner

Functional Benefits

  • Actionable insights on IT infra available on-demand.
  • Simple UI to execute assessments rapidly.
  • Visualize Risk Assessment Data in a Dashboard, get granular reports for technical review.
  • Publish Custom Reports – Summarized reports, Detailed Reports & Technical Data Reports.
  • Built-in scheduler to automate future assessments.
  • Technical issue discovery and fix guidelines are available readily.

Technical Benefits

  • Technical issue discovery and fix guidelines are available readily.
  • Cater to Technical & Functional user cases by exporting Assessment Data as documents or spreadsheets.
  • 100+ Checks ensure full assessment coverage includes all essential components like DNS, GPO, OUs, DC, FGPP, etc.
  • Run checks individually to export object lists, like Bad Logon Attempts.
  • Historical Data Comparison lets you compare findings with results of past Assessments.

The impact of not executing IT Risk Assessment frequently

Active Directory Services Environments not secured against Risks associated with Health, Security, Performance and Compliance can experience increased:

  • IT OPEX (directly/indirectly increasing frequency of troubleshooting).
  • IT Infrastructure Risk & Security Exposure.
  • Likelihood of downtime of Business-Critical Applications & Services. Instances of disruption of Business Services.
  • Instances of disruption of Business Services.
  • Likelihood of failing IT Compliance checks and Audits.
  • IT Infrastructure’s susceptibility to external attacks and internal breaches.
  • Loss of Business Revenue on account of IT Downtime.

How does it work?

Ossisto’s IT Risk Assessment software delivers Active Directory Services and other server technology Risk Assessments with just a few clicks:

  • Simple to install and activate in minutes.
  • Perform custom assessments or run a complete IT risk assessment system check.
  • Assess each level in the assessment and create IT risk assessment custom reports.
  • Use the recommendations in the report as a baseline to secure your IT risk assessment Active Directory Services environment.

Our Product Snapshot

Ossisto 365 IT Health & Risk Scanner Delivers:
  • Risk Status of all Active Directory Core Components
  • Risk Status of all Active Directory Core Components
  • List of Affected Objects
  • Impact details of every Issue
  • IRisk Remediation Guidelines & Fix Recommendations
  • *Ossisto’s Product Team of Microsoft Certified Experts has carefully created these Severity ratings using Microsoft’s own guidelines as the benchmark.
IT Risk Assessment Reports

Executive Summary & Technical Details

Every assessment delivers reports that include summarized details of Assessment findings as well as technical details for risk remediation. Leverage these rich and effective reports to position initiatives like Change Management, Service Improvement Plans (SIP), Improving IT Security Posture, Technology Transformation & Refresh IT risk assessment initiatives, and more…