Ossisto 365 IT Health & Risk Scanner​

What is Ossisto365 IT Health & Risk Scanner?

In today’s fast-paced IT landscape, ensuring the health and security of your infrastructure is paramount. Introducing Ossisto365 IT Health & Risk Scanner – a powerful solution that offers comprehensive coverage and effortless assessments to safeguard your Active Directory services.

With 360-degree coverage aligned with vendor best practices, our software performs over 130 checks, thoroughly scanning all components of your Active Directory services. The quick and user-friendly interface allows you to analyze your entire infrastructure in just a few clicks, generating insightful reports instantly. Say goodbye to lengthy setup processes, as you can initiate full-fledged IT risk assessments within minutes.

We understand the importance of convenience, which is why our email integration feature ensures that assessment reports are delivered straight to your inbox. No more logging into dashboards to access scheduled reports – it’s all at your fingertips.

Schedule and automate assessments effortlessly, focusing on specific components or your entire infrastructure with ease. Our interactive assessment dashboard empowers you to review findings, drill down into affected objects, and filter checks based on severity, allowing you to prioritize remediation efforts effectively.

Forget about tedious technical research. Our software goes beyond identification by providing comprehensive fix and remediation guidelines, ensuring that you have actionable recommendations at your disposal. Experience peace of mind and maximize the health and security of your IT infrastructure with Ossisto365 IT Health & Risk Scanner. Stay proactive, stay protected.

What Ossisto365 IT Health & Risk Scanner Covers?

Requirements to Setup Ossisto365 IT Health & Risk Scanner

Operating System Requirements:
Configuration Requirements:

What makes the Ossisto 365 IT Scanner Software different?

A standard/manual Active Directory IT Risk Assessment process can typically take weeks to build actionable insights. Ossisto 365 IT Scanner does that in minutes/hours.

Ossisto 365

Safeguard your infrastructure effortlessly with Ossisto365's cutting-edge risk scanner.

Benefits of Ossisto365 IT Scanner

On-Demand Actionable Insights

Gain instant access to actionable insights on your IT infrastructure, enabling you to make informed decisions and address potential risks promptly.

Rapid Assessments with User-Friendly Interface

Execute assessments quickly and effortlessly with a simple and intuitive user interface, saving time and effort while ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Visualize and Review Risk Assessment Data

Easily visualize risk assessment data through interactive dashboards and access granular reports for detailed technical review, facilitating effective analysis and decision-making.

Publish Custom Reports

Generate customized reports, including summarized reports, detailed reports, and technical data reports, tailored to meet specific requirements and effectively communicate assessment findings.

Automated Scheduling for Future Assessments

Leverage the built-in scheduler to automate future assessments, ensuring regular and proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure's health and security.

Comprehensive Technical Coverage

Benefit from over 100 checks that provide complete assessment coverage, including essential components such as DNS, GPO, OUs, DC, FGPP, etc., enabling thorough examination and identification of technical issues.

What Our Clients Say….

We have partnered with Ossisto for 2 years now and they are fabulous! I highly recommend Ossisto! They do what they say they are going to do and are extremely friendly, competent and hard working. Totally a great company!
John Palmisano
Palm Health Resources
I've been a client for over a year. Always meticulous execution, timely delivery and they bring solutions to problems that otherwise would slow me down. Communication is always spot-on. I highly recommend them!
Ruth Mannschreck
Shoreline Strategies, LLC
This is a Company that has your "back". We sing praises for the professional services of this business for handling emails, and for tasks that small business must tend to as they grow their businesses. Excellent service!
Susan P Johnson
Insurance Producer
Very happy with the service that Ossisto has provided. The team is very responsive and prides itself on making the client happy. They are professional, courteous and I would use their services as I need in the future
Betsy Jacob
Right Balanced Living

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