M365 – How it Can Improve Efficiency for Your Business

In contrast to the earlier version that came with Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365 is a subscription program offered from the technology giant. It’s likely that you’re wondering why you’d need to spend money on something like M365 on a continuous basis. The most obvious reason is reliability, and companies have taken advantage of this subscription to boost their efficiency and improve precision as well as speedy delivery. 

What is Microsoft 365? 

For most computers the refresh cycle is likely to be between 5 and six years before the customers purchase their next PC. Since the last few years, a lot of businesses have begun to shift to a subscription-based model when selling software. If you take a look at Adobe and Photoshop it is not possible to buy Photoshop in full; you must purchase an annual subscription. 

As part of your subscription, you’ll receive the most recent version as well as updates throughout the year. For quite a while, Microsoft used to sell boxes of software initially however with M365 it has changed. 

If you have the right subscription, you are able to install the most popular software on your PC. For example, you can download Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access. You not only have the option of installing these programs on your computer but you also have the option to run them from your phone or tablet and access the latest updates and assistance. 

New Features of Microsoft 365 

One of the exciting new features is dark mode. The dark mode alters the background and darkens it and aids in relaxing your eyes. Within Microsoft PowerPoint, you can create animated gifs, and save them for be used later. Once you’ve started using Excel it’s much simpler to extract the data from PDF files and then put it into the spreadsheet. 

These are only a few of the latest examples of features that have been added to the Microsoft 365. Remember that at any time you get new features it is possible to access them by signing up for the Microsoft 365 subscription. 


When you subscribe to 365 you also have the access of Microsoft OneDrive, which lets you save documents in the cloud. With this, you have an array of storage options and with greater storage capacity, you will have greater capacity for work. Additionally, it allows companies to access their files from anywhere that improves productivity while working from a remote location. It’s also a great option to share data or files with other people when you’re working with others. 

If you choose to open the folder or particular file in the folder, you are able to transfer them either way. In addition to that, you’ll also have an option to personalize your vault in which you can keep your private information like your passport picture or your social security number. 


If you’re a part in the subscription M365, this software can greatly increase communication between the employees in an organization. It permits quick communication, which can increase productivity. 

Be equipped with M365 Integrations Today! 

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